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Independent Distributors to the Hospitality Industry since 1998. Automatic Cutlery Polishers & Kitchen Deep Cleaning Equipment / Grease Extraction Supplies For UK & Ire.

The best Soak Tank Decarboniser Pot Washer, best Automatic Cutlery Polisher & best Deep Extraction Cleaning / Grease Extraction Equipment Suppliers


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Solutions2Save are the best supplier of modern commercial kitchen cleaning equipment and cutlery polishing equipment in the UK and Ireland.  The F&B deep cleaning grease and carbon extraction equipment / kitchen deep cleaning systems are key pieces of cost saving cleaning equipment for any commercial kitchen (new kitchen fit out or in any existing commercial kitchen/bakery etc). Using modern equipment for commercial kitchen filter cleaning, utensil and pot washing, the modern Soak Tank Pot Washers and Modern Automatic Cutlery Polisher Machines / Systems can quickly cut costs in kitchens and improve kitchen staff efficiency. Lease kitchen equipment or buy / Cleaning Systems for your catering business to reduce costs and improve kitchen processes today. 

Remove Carbon From Kitchen Filters In UK Kitchens. Great Hood Vent Filter Cleaning in UK.
The grease extraction systems are a great way for your kitchen to decarbonise pots, utensils, filters etc. without having to hire expensive UK Kitchen Canopy and Filter Maintenance companies to do this work.  Solutions2Save, will help hospitality kitchens save money and ensure effective cleaning and cutlery polishing and glass polishing can take place for back of house (boh). Solutions2Save has the best F&B Cleaning and Polishing Equipment in UK / Ire such as Soak Tank (Pan Wash) Systems, Automatic Cutlery Polishing Systems (polish large quantity of cutlery in just 3 minutes!), Glass Polish Systems and more. 

CaterSave Automatic Soak Tank Decarbonizer Pot Wash System - the best Grease Extraction System in UK


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View Brochure: CaterSave Soak Tank Systems & GR Detergent 
The CaterSave Automatic Soak Tank Decarboniser System UK / Ire is a great UK pot wash cleaning solution for deep greasy pots, pans, cooker hoods.  The Soak Tank (Pot Washer) and GR Detergent can remove manual pot washing, remove manual pan washing, and help cut kitchen costs. The CaterSave Soak Tank Decarboniser / Soak Tank Degreaser is fully plumbed in with water in and waste out.  The CaterSave Soak Tank Decarboniser / Soak Tank Degreaser, can increase restaurant profits as it reduces waste & costs associated with manual pot washing costs, reduces water charges and can give a deep clean for pots, pans and filters by removing deep carbon, dirt and grease which can not be removed with painstaking hand scrubbing of pots and pans! 

SolutionsToSave has the best Pot Wash Degreasing Systems in the UK.  The Decarbonising system is the best way to clean pots and pans and the Degreaser is a great utensil cleaning machine. Soak Tank Pot Wash System Review Video shows what can be cleaned in a soak tank pot washer.

Solutions2Save Cutlery Polisher Machine


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View Brochure: CaterSave Patented Automatic Cutlery Polisher & Glass Polisher System
The Cutlery Polisher System is the best cutlery polisher in UK / Ire.


Solutions2Save are the no.1 kitchen equipment suppliers in UK / Ire for supply of F&B cleaning equipment to Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Colleges, Hospitals, Bakeries, Supermarkets, Delis, etc.   
Ensure your Customers' First Impressions are Positive.... and Lasting.  Polished Tableware Presentation gives premises the "Quality" Image.  Sparkling Glassware & Shining Cutlery reflects your Hygiene Priority

Contact the best soak tank, best cutlery polishing & best F&B Cleaning Equipment Suppliers Today...Only settle on the best. We look forward to show you how to make savings in your boh back of house,,

CaterSav€ Range of Solutions & Systems
Providing Substantial Savings in your Operating Costs

  • Eliminate Labour-Intensive Work & Unnecessary Wastage
  • Most businesses need to reduce staffing levels during the current economic downturn.
  • The labour-intensive Hospiality Industry has been especially affected.
  • But high standards of service is still an expectation from customers.
  • We provide Solutions, helping to:
    • Reduce Operating Costs in areas, including Kitchen/Washup, Bar/Restaurant, etc
    • Eliminate Labour-Intensive Work
    • Reduce Usage of Energy & Water
    • Utilise Staff more productively
    • Ensure a Safer and more Hygienic Workplace
    • Enable HACCP & EHO Compliance
    • Reduce Carbon Footprint
    • Enhance Green Image

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Soak Tank Cleaning System

Automatic Cutlery Polisher System

Glass Polisher System

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