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GR Detergent

Cater Save Automatic Soak Tank (Degreaser/Decarboniser) Detergent:

GR Detergent
Certified Safe & Environmentally Friendly

* CaterSave / Solutions2Save are the only official Distributor of GR Detergent in Ireland (North & ROI). This detergent is suitable for the Soak-2-Klean system and most other Soak Tank / Degreaser systems (contact us to discuss your requirements).

Benefits of GR Detergent:

- Non Caustic  & Non Toxic
- PH Balanced
- Bio-Degradable
- Safe on Aluminium
- Recognised Worldwide
- Guaranteed Supply - we're the only official exclusive Distributor in Ireland.
  We have the Distributor Agreement and the safety certificates to prove it... 

"I saved over $10,000 in the first year, using GR System"
- Busch Gardens.
"I didn't believe there was a machine out there that could be this effective"
- Disney Contempory Resort.
"Let the GR System clean the pots and pans while the staff clean the kitchen"
- Trump Taj Mahal.
"The GR System has improved staff moral, less time spent scrubbing"
- Four Seasons Hotel.
"Even when we spent hours scrubbing, our trays never got as clean"
- Sam's Club.
"It's so easy to operate and does a great job"
- Hilton.
"We always kept everything clean, but this has saved us the time it took to keep it clean"
- Marriott.
"We are very pleased to confirm that we have concluded our testing of GR Detergent...The Detergent and Soak Tank system was extremely effective at cleaning rotisserie accessories, skewers, baskets, and other items. After extensive use we found no indication of any deterioration in the items soaked in the system.  We encountered no issues relating to the health and safety of our operators presumably because of the balanced PH of the detergent.  Based upon these results, Hardt will recommend the use of the GR System to its customers"
- Hardt Equipment Manufacturing (Montreal, Canada). 

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