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About Solutions2Save

Since 1994, Solutions2Save has been providing Irish and British catering companies with the best cost saving kitchen equipment. British hospitality related businesses save money in the kitchen operation using modern pot washing machines, cutlery polishing machines and glass polishing machines. If your hospitality business wants to know how to increase profits, lower overheads, increase staff productivity, increase hygiene standards and increase the life of your equipment then talk to Solutions2Save today.

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Solutions2Save is the exclusive Irish and British Kitchen Equipment Distributor for a number of Kitchen cleaning systems. Contact Us Today here.

CaterSav€ Video Demonstrations (Double click video to watch full screen).

CaterSave Soak Tank Cleaning System Video

CaterSave Automatic Cutlery Polisher System Video

CaterSave Glass Polisher System Video

CaterSave Automatic Soak Tank Systems (Decarboniser / Degreaser)
 - This machine will remove dirt, grim and grease from pots, pans, cooker hoods etc. It is the most modern soak tank machine in the UK or Ireland.
 - GR Detergent Suppliers. For use with CaterSave Soak Tank Machine.

CaterSave Patented Automatic Cutlery Polisher Systems (see more at Soon to be the most popular cutlery polishing system in UK.
- CaterSave Supplies the Corn Granulate for cutlery machine. CaterSave Automatic Tray Based Cutlery Polish Machine is proven to the best cutlery polishing method in UK.
- Solutions2Save are confident this will be the most used popular cutlery polish system in the UK in the next few years.

CaterSave Patented Hygienic Glass Polishing System (see more at
- The only Glass Polishing System in the UK which has a unique patented design that is fitted with an Air Filter & UV Lamp - ensures that hot air is clean and sanitized which means makes for the best glass polishing system in the UK.
- Hot Dual-Airflow gives you a faster, quality shine. Best way to quickly get sparkling glassware.


Testimonials on the Best Affordable Soak Tank Equipment Supplier and Best Cutlery Polish Equipment Supplier in the UK!
Solutions2Save is the most popular UK kitchen equipment supplier as proved by genuine testimonials on the best kitchen cleaning equipment and best kitchen polishing equipment by Moran Bewley Hotel Group, Gougane Barra Hotel, Failte Ireland, etc.  We have many more testimonials showing us as the number 1 kitchen supplier for soak tank systems, cutlery polishing systems, glass polishing buffers and other kitchen equipment for UK and Ireland.

Automatic Soak Tank Systems  – no more time-consuming costly manual scrubbing of kitchen utensils, pots, pans, etc.  Wasting water and energy.

Cutlery Polishing – New Patented Automatic "Labour-Free" Cutlery Polisher. No more slow manual loading of the traditional polisher, or the very slow polishing by hand.

Glass Polishing – patented glass drying system design cuts labour costs by up to 80% and result is maximum hygiene, streak elimination, and sparkling glassware.

How Your Business Can Save Money:

An average restaurant will spend around €80,000 every year on Tableware Polishing, Cleaning and Pot Washing / Degreasing of Equipment & Utensils (labour, energy, water, equipment, consumables, etc). If the restaurant used modern efficient methods to do this work, they could save the tens of thousands per year. Check out how restaurants can save money on and talk to the best soak tank company and auto cutlery polisher company today.

Phone CaterSave / Solutions2Save today to enquire about kitchen equipment and supplies (GR Detergent and CaterSave Granulate).  If you've got an existing old style  Soak Tank system (not plumbed in or with waste outlet) and wish to upgrade contact us today. If you require a supply of genuine GR Detergent for your soak tank Solutions2Save are here to help.

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