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Automatic Air-Powered Cutlery Polisher, Model FACP2

Automatic Cutlery Polisher Systems


When customers arrive in you restaurant or hotel for a meal, they form an initial impression - good or bad.  

As they sit down to browse through the menu and wait to be served, your tableware is on view, so the condition of your cutlery will either impress them - or not!!!  

If there are watermarks, or other stains visible, it means that it is not being properly polished. 

This indicates to your diners that Staff Training and Supervision is not a priority with management. 

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Tableware Presentation reflects standards in customer-care, food-handling, and hygiene.                                                         

Projecting low standards gives a negative perception of your premises, leading to customer complaints, and loss of repeat business.

So, particularly during this economic downturn, customer-satisfaction dictates to management the importance of "First Impressions"

Our CaterSav€ Range Of Cutlery Polishers ensures your Cutlery is maintained in pristine condition.

Solutions 2 Save are Independent Distributors of a range of Cost-Saving Cutlery Polishing Solutions, which guarantees to recommend a system "tailor-made" for your specific requirements.

Our aim is to provide: The Best System, which gives The Best Results, for The Best Price.

We source  Systems from a variety of reputable international manufacturers. So, unlike other suppliers we are not affiliated to just one manufacturer.

We offer you a Choice - one that suits You, and best matches your needs, in size, space, price, etc.

A Typical Positive Testimonial for CaterSave:

I can vouch for the quality, ease of operation, and the labour-saving benefits of this system, supplied by John O' Callaghan of CaterSave, who has given us a first-class service.”  - Colm Murphy, Food & Beverage Manager, Bewleys Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Cutlery Polisher System Benefits:

- Reduces drying & polishing time by up to 70 - 90%.
- Massive labour savings.
- Stainless steel or silver cutlery - dries, polishes & sanitizes.
- New Automatic tray system - easy to use.
- Quality consistent finish on each item each time.
- No streaks or smudges on cutlery.
- Ensures cutlery is bacteria free.
- Maintains quality of cutlery.
- No requirement for large cutlery stocks.
- No drying cloths required.
- Hygienic results each time - Think how drying by hand is so unhygienic.

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Consumables - Granulate
Dust-Free & Sanitized


-Certified safe & environmentally friendly.
-Non caustic & non toxic.
-Recognised & used worldwide.
-Guaranteed Supply - we distribute throughout Ireland (North and ROI)



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