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Automatic Glass Polisher

Automatic Glass Polishers in UK (and Ireland). Best Glass Polish Buffer Machine

CaterSave Automatic Glass Polishers featuring the Sanitized Hot-Air System

Our Automatic Glass Polishing System is the answer to all the problems associated with the labour-intensive task of manually polishing glassware.   The patented system polishes two glasses at a time, is safe, effective and simple to operate.  The hot air that keeps the brushes dry is sanitized, and is the only Glass Polisher that is operated with bacteria-free air, which ensures maximum hygiene.  Streaks and watermarks are eliminated to leave your glassware in a sparkling condition.  Labour costs are drastically reduced and polishing cloths are no longer needed. Also, breakages are now a rare occurance, which importantly reduces the risk of injuries to your staff. 

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Easy to Use Glass Polisher and Fast Operation - polishes two glasses at a time. Cuts glass polishing labour costs by up to 80% - allows staff to work more productively. Eliminates the use of Polishing Cloths - no more unhygienic polishing of glasses. Easy to get a sparkling clean finish on wine glasses etc. - each time, every time. Hot Dual-Airflow gives you a faster, quality glassware shine - sparkling glassware. The only Glass Polishing System which has a unique patented design that is fitted with an Air Filter & UV Lamp - ensures that hot air is cleaned and sanitized. Helps avoid glass breakages and the risk of injury to staff - improve health and safety.


When customers arrive in your bar or restaurant for a drink or a meal, they form an initial impression - good or bad.  

As they sit down having a drink, and possibly browsing through the menu, your glassware is on view, so the customers will see the condition of your glasses and will either impress them - or not!!!  

If there are watermarks, or other stains visible, it means that it is not being properly polished. 

This indicates that Staff Training and Supervision is not a priority for management. 

Glassware needs to be sparkling to impress your customers.                                                        

Serving a drink in an unpolished glass gives a negative perception of your premises, leading to customer complaints, and loss of repeat business.

So, particularly during this economic downturn, customer-satisfaction dictates to management the importance of "First Impressions"

Our CaterSav€ Glass Polishers ensures your Glassware is maintained in sparkling condition.

Solutions 2 Save are Independent Distributors of a range of Cost-Saving Solutions, which guarantees to recommend a system "tailor-made" for your specific requirements.

Our aim is to provide: The Best System, which gives The Best Results, for The Best Price.

We source  Systems from a variety of reputable international manufacturers. So, unlike other suppliers we are not affiliated to just one manufacturer.

We offer you a Choice - one that suits You, and best matches your needs, in size, space, price, etc.


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