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Automatic Soak Tank Degreaser Decarboniser Model AS2K1

Automatic Decarboniser Equipment. Removes Carbon from cooker hood Filters, Pots and Pans, utensils, baking equipment etc.

CaterSave Automatic SoakTank Decarboniser Systems - Using GR Detergent - Remove Grease & Carbon From kitchenware like pots, pans, racks and works as a best Filter Cleaning Decarboniser - (no more Sourcing New Filters every few months).


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 Removes Grease, Grime and the Heaviest Carbon from:

  • Cooking Utensils, Pans, Pots, Baking Trays, Sheets, Shapes,
  • Kitchen Equipment, Gas Diffusers, Grilles, Oven Racks,
  • Extraction Filters, Heavy Plastic Trays and Chopping boards, etc

Cleaning processes can vary in different commercial kitchens, but the common experience in each one is the large amount of time spent manually cleaning cooking utensils and equipment.

Our Soak Tank Kitchen Equipment Decarboniser Cleaning Systems are the best Soak Tanks in UK. Enables Kitchen deep cleaning for pots, pans, grills, trays etc. and deep filter cleaning. CaterSave Decarbonizers are the no.1 Grease Extraction System for cleaning and decarbonizing in the UK, and is a great piece of equipment for hood vent filter cleaning.

Ventilation Cleaning Decarbonisers (also Pot Washing Granulator) in UK
- Cheap way to effectively clean mesh filters, baffle filters, cartridge filters, stainless steel filters and aluminium filters.
For those that normally pay for Kitchen Canopy and FIlter Maintenance Providers you now can do much of the work yoursave and save money on filter degreasing / filter decarbonising. Kithecn hood filter cleaning is now an easy operation that can be done regularly. By simply leaving the filters to soak in the CaterSave soak tank you can easiy remove tough carbon from from kitchen filters.  Don't spend money sourcing new carbon filters online and buying other equipment when you can simply clean your existing cooker hood filters and pots, pans, trays etc. without spending hundres on new replacement filters online.  The Decarbonising machine cleans all types of kitchen filters such as mesh filters, baffle filters, cartridge filters, stainless steel filters and aluminium filters.


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An employee can spend many hours every day at the sink, scrubbing away at a variety of utensils. They use scouring pads and chemicals (often caustic), with hot tap running to remove carbon and grease, resulting in large volumes of effluent going down drain.

This daily scrubbing damages your utensils, leading to more frequent costly replacements.

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So Manual Pot Washing is:

  • Very Expensive - Labour, Energy, Water, Chemicals, Filter Cleaning, Utensil Replacements, etc
  • Not Environmentally Friendly - Water & Energy Wastage, Large Chemical Effluent Outflows, etc

* Our CaterSave Automatic Soak Tank Decarboniser eliminates most of these tasks *

Our unique Automatic Decarboniser simply, but effectively and safely, performs this onerous and expensive work. Just place items to be cleaned in the Soak Tank, then remove & rinse....simple.

It is used throughout the day, and items are soaked overnight as part of an ongoing cleaning cycle to ensure kitchen equipment & utensils are kept in pristine condition, not possible through manual scrubbing.

It is constantly plugged in and the GR Solution is effective for 30 days.

CaterSave Automatic Decarboniser Unit:

  • Standard or Large Models - Size to suit business volume
  • Connected to Water & Waste Pipes - Safer, eliminates risk of staff injury, when refilling manual tank
  • Fills & Empties at the touch of a button - Replaces time consuming manually filling and emptying
  • Circulating Pump - Cleans more Quickly and Effectively
  • Manufactured to EU Standards
  • New Safety Features - Sturdier Design, Lid Damper, Temperature Control (85 Deg C kills bacteria),
  • Direct Discharge -eliminating need for rolling manual tank of hot solution, with risk of burns to staff

Financial Benefits:

  • Reduces labour involvement in Manual Pot Washing - Cuts Wage Bill
  • Reduces Water Usage during scrubbing - Less Water Charges
  • Reduces Water Heating requirements - Energy Bills Reduced
  • Reduces Chemical Usage & Cleaning Materials - Cut in Costs
  • Eliminates Need for Filter Cleaning Contractors - Substantial Savings
  • Reduces the Risk of Fires caused by Overloaded Filters
  • Extends life of utensils and equipment
  • Staff management utilised more productively

GR Detergent ~ Certified Safe & Environmentally Friendly ~

  • Truly Non-Caustic
  • pH-Balanced
  • Non-Toxic
  • Unique: Independently Certified "Safe on Aluminium"
  • Bio-Degradable
  • Enviro-Safe
  • Marketed Worlwide - * CaterSave are Exclusive Distributors in Ireland *


To read more about GR Detergent supplied by CaterSave Click Here

CaterSave / Solutions2Save are Exclusive Distributors of GR Detergent in Ireland (North & ROI).

It is the most Effective and Safest Detergent of its kind on the market, and is suitable for all Decarboniser Soak Tanks, both Automatic and Manual Systems (contact us to discuss your requirements).

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We can also supply you with our genuine GR Detergent.

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