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CaterSave Automatic Soak Tank Degreasers-Best Soak Tank Degreasers in UK

SolutionsToSave is the Exclusive Distributor for the best CaterSave Automatic Soak Tank Decarboniser in the UK or Ireland.  CaterSave's Soak Tank is the best method for soaking and cleaning of grease, grime and carbon from pots and pans and cooker hoods. CaterSave Soak Tank Degreaser revolutionises the inefficient hand scrubbing (water wastage, time etc.) and old fashioned innefficient and 'clunky' soak tank machines.   

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CaterSave Soak Tank - Best Soak Tank in the UK / Ire.
Unlike old soak tank models the CaterSave Soak Tank is plumbed in and has a waste outlet meaning no more wheeling greasy water and soak tanks through kitchens.  Solutions To Save's high quality soak tank GR Detergent is non caustic detergent and is a long lasting detergent.  GR Detergent is the leading detergent in kitchens globally.

The CaterSave Soak Tank System helps catering / hospitality related businesses cut costs and increase efficiency in areas BOH / FOH. 

SAVINGS:  Up to €600 per month can be saved if manual pot washing is reduced by just ONE hour each day

Our CaterSave Decarboniser will eliminate this onerous work, giving:

*Huge Savings in Operating Overheads -
  - Reduction in use of electricity & water plus detergent & labour.

*More Productive Management of Staff –
  - Freed from labour-intensive pot washing work.

*Improved Kitchen Hygiene –
  - Utensils & equipment maintained in clean condition.

*Extended Life of Equipment & Utensils –  
  - Cleaned by non-caustic detergent, without scrubbing.

*Enhanced Green Image & Reduced Carbon Footprint -  
  - Less energy, water, detergent, and effluent.

Cost Analysis of CaterSave Automatic Decarbonising System

Cleaning processes differ in each establishment, but our experience indicates that an employee will normally stand at a sink each day, with the hot and cold water running, with scouring pads and sometimes, caustic chemicals, scrubbing away at utensils.    To perform even the minimal amount of cleaning on the utensils will take at least 1 to 2 hours manual labour each evening.        

Our CaterSave Kitchen Utensil Degreaser replaces this soul destroying job 

Re Utilities costs for Manual Cleaning @ 1 Hour Only Each Night reveal:

Savings on hot water alone, can cover the cost of our Decarbonising System 
Tap running for 1 hour use over 1000 litres of Hot Water =  approx €8

Total Monthly Costs For Hot Water Alone = €8 x 30 days = 240  per month

1 hour/ night
 (Min Wage + PRSI + Admin Costs) =  approx €10
Total Cost Of Labour = €10 x 30 days = €300  per month

Cleaning materials used for I hour during manual cleaning =  approx 0.50c     
A major negative concerning these other cleaning agents is that  many are caustic, requiring special handling and creating unnecessary risks in your kitchen.
Total Cost Of Unnecessary Cleaning Agents = 50c x 30 days= 15  per month

Based on only 1 hour per night cleaning time–not much for a normal sized kitchen:  The Total Monthly Cost Would Be Approx =                          €550  per month

* Extra Cost for Filter Cleaning by External Contractors not factored in *

-  Very Expensive Ongoing Operating Costs for this Vital Daily Task -

Switch to our CaterSav€ Automatic Decarboniser SoakTank System


- Truly Non-Caustic

- pH Balanced

- Non-Toxic

- Certified "Safe on Aluminium"

- Biodegradable/ Environmental Friendly

Consumable: GR Detergent
Certified Safe & Environmentally Friendly
* CaterSave / Solutions2Save are the only official distributor of GR Detergent in Ireland (North & ROI). This detergent is suitable for the Soak Tank Decarboniser System and all other Soak Tank systems.

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