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New Business & Finance Resource For Hospitality Businesses

With Irish and British tourism and hospitality businesses experiencing higher running costs and tighter margins, clear business and financial management of hospitality business finances is paramount.

Catering and hospitality companies can now avail of a newly launched business and financial user friendly hospitality business resource and help tools.  The free online hospitality resource was set-up by Failte Ireland, the Irish State Tourism Agency,  and is available at

Practical help and advice on business topics related to hospitality businesses include; developing eBusiness strategy for catering company, advice on building a hospitality business website, understanding your accounts, cashflow, pricing, costs, profit etc.  The site provides easy to use calculator tools to get quick results for hotels to manage finances etc.

CaterSave welcomes initiative as it will help catererig related companies etc. realise where savings need to be made and calculate how solutions to save including the massive savings introducing automatic cleaning equipment such as cutlery polishers or glass polishers could make.  The
website contains easy to use interactive tools and links to useful resources.

Interactive tools provide step by step advice on subjects such as writing business and marketing plans and how to compare and analyse business performance against industry averages.

Downloadable useful documents such as Hotel staff-roster template, Hotel Annual Cashflow Forecast template, Cashflow 3-Month Forecast template are all available.  Users can download, save and print documents meaning it is a great way to constantly monitor and update how best to increase restaurant profits or hotel profits etc. and reduce hospitality business overheads.

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SolutionsToSave exhibiting at SHOP Expo.28-30 Sep 2010. Stand F15.

SolutionsToSave will be exhibiting at SHOP Expo. 28th - 30th Sep 2010. 

SolutionsToSave: Stand F15 (on left side opposite UK Pavillion). 

Tuesday 28, Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th September 2010.

Venue: Royal Dublin Society Main Hall Complex, Dublin, Ireland (H8C)

Mon - Tues: 10.00am - 6.00pm
Wed: 10.00am - 5.00pm  

The Expo is a unique event offering a brand new exhibition for the Retail, Food and Drink Industry and visiting SolutionsToSave and SHOP expo is a must if you are serious about your Retail business in Ireland.  Talk to to see clearly how your Irish Retail business can easily start to save money and improve effciency.

SHOP is Ireland's international annual Retail, Food and Drink event, bringing the biggest and the best in the Industry together. It represents the merger of two of the Irish retail industry's largest and most respected events - IFEX Dublin (Ireland's International Food, Drink & Hospitality Exhibition) and Forecourt (Ireland's Convenience, Retail adn Forecourt Equipment Exhibition). is thrilled to be present at this event and will be diplaying a range of shop energy and labour saving solutions including solutions to save on electricity, heating, cooling and cleaning costs (Soak Tank Degreasing / Ultimate Degreasing Spray etc.). will also be launching an exciting range of drinks under the brand so be sure to come visit and have your thirst quenched!

See for more info.

See you there!
SolutionsToSave Team.


Solutions 2 Save exhibit at UK Hospitality Show 2011

Solutions 2 Save / Cutlery Polishers is exhibiting at the UK Hospitality Show 2011.  Visit us at Stand 479 and see how a cutlery polisher system can save you money on cutlery polishing.

Visit the best UK kitchen equipment and cleaning systems provider and the best for UK Cutlery Polisher Supplies at Stand 479. The Hospitality Show is the best tradeshow for someone starting a restaurant or sourcing equipment for catering business, particularly cost saving kitchen equipment and cleaning and polishing equipment such as Cutlery Polisher Systems in UK or Soak Tank Decarbonizer Systems in the UK.

Best Cutlery Polisher Supplier

Solutions To Save / have launched the first fully automated patented Cutlery Polisher at the UK Hospitality Show 2011 (24th-26th Jan).  

The Cutlery Polisher Manufacturer,, supplies the world’s first fully automated labour-free cutlery polisher has new innovative technology which makes the washing and polishing of cutlery into an integrated seamless operation – tray of washed cutlery is now placed directly from dishwasher into polisher. 

This modern Cutlery Polisher eliminates labour intensive cutlery polishing and expensive manual cutlery polishing which removes the need for dedicated cutlery polishing staff.  The tray system has a polishing cycle of just three minutes. 

Fast Cutlery Polisher. Efficient Cutlery Polisher. Auto Cutlery Polisher. Best Cutlery Polisher Granulate.
The cutlery polisher offers huge labour savings, raises hygiene standards, and helps reduce kitchen energy costs in UK commercial kitchens.  This new model of polishing equipment for quick cutlery polishing takes only 3 minutes to pre-heat compared with up to an hour for traditional models. This is an extremely fast cutlery polisher. This modern efficient Cutlery Polisher speeds-up cutlery turnaround as the polishing cycle is less than 3 minutes and eliminates the build-up of unpolished cutlery.
 Another benefit of this model is that the quality polishing granulate only requires changing approximately every three months.

 “I can vouch for the quality, ease of operation, and the labour-saving benefits of this system, supplied by, who has given us a first-class service.” – Colm Murphy, Food & Beverage Manager, Bewleys Hotel, Ireland.

Best Auto Cutlery Polish Equipment is the leading supplier of Cutlery Polishers and Cutlery Polishing Granulate in the UK and Ireland and offers the best cutlery polish solution in the UK or Ireland. is the Cutlery Polish Equipment supplier of the Solutions2Save Group (Solutions 2  Solutions2Save are the best restaurant equipment supplier in the UK and best F&B Cleaning Equipment in the UK and provide other quality cost saving systems such as the Soak Tank Decarbonizer System (Decarboniser) and the Glass Polishing System (see in the UK.  UK Cutlery Polish System - lease or buy:

Looking For Cutlery Supplies / Cutlery Suppliers? -CutleryPolishers is happy to provide a list of the best cutlery suppliers worldwide. For Cutlery Polishers has modern Cutlery Polish Systems
 - unique patented automatic cutlery polish system for cutlery which will help you cut costs and improve efficiency.

Affordable Cutlery Polisher, Affordable Cutlery Polishing Systems, & Affordable  Decarbonizers (Pot Washers); Affordable and Reliable Kitchen Cleaning Systems. 
To find out more about leasing or buying one of cleaning or polishing systems, logon to, where you can read about cutlery polishing systems and cutlery polish machines and where you can view a video of cutlery polishers and other kitchen cost cutting systems filmed in a real commercial kitchen environment.
If you are looking for affordable cutlery polishing systems for cutlery or polishing systems for glass be sure and contact the affordable UK cutlery polishing business, affordable Soak Tank Decarboniser suppliers, and affordable patented air flow glass polish systems distributors.

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July 2010: Solutions2Save launch more cost saving solutions to reduce your operating costs.

Solutions 2 Save Introduces:

  • Automatic Decarbonising Soak-2-Klean Systems – Removes Carbon & Grease from Equipment & Utensils
  • Automatic Cutlery Polisher Systems  - New Patented Labour-Free Systems with No Rattling Cutlery Noise
  • Glassware Polishing System  -  New Patented Sanitizing Hot-Air Systems
  • All Systems reduce Operating Costs by over 80% - Including: Labour, Energy, Water, Detergent, etc

We Can Help You Save Several Thousand Euros per Year

An average Restaurant will spend Tens of Thousands of Euros per year on Labour-Intensive Tasks, including: Deep Cleaning / Pot Washing work; Waiting Staff being diverted from profit-generating duties to waste time on Manually Polishing Cutlery; Bar Staff wasting valuable serving time Manually Polishing Glasses By using our Modern Automatic Cost-Saving Solutions your business would Save Several Thousand Euros yearly. Become another Satisfied Customer of Solutions 2 Save in Ireland or UKQueries welcome from all sectors of the Hospitality / Catering Industry: Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets, etc.

Solutions2Save: Exclusive Distributor for GR Detergent in Ireland.

Solutions2Save are delighted to announce that we are now the new Exclusive Distributor for GR Detergent in ROI and NI.

GR Detergent was marketed in Ireland in the past by CDI and HygiClean.  In order to achieve excellent results from the unique GR Detergent, it is essential the detergent you are using is the genuine product.  Also ensure the solution in your Soak Tank is changed every 30 days.  By adhering to these guidelines, results will be consistent and guarantee customer satisfaction.  It is important to be confident that you are using the genuine product.

Steps to Verify Your Supply is Genuine

GR Detergent is exclusively distributed in Ireland by Solutions 2 Save, and is manufactured in the UK by Grime Reaper Products.   It is packed in sealed plastic tubs, displaying the Grime Reaper name and logo.                   

If you are offered another product, claiming to be as effective & as safe as GR, ask for the relevant Certification.  We provide Independent Certification outlining its Safety, both for use by staff & safety of utensils being soaked.

Solutions 2 Save / Catersave exhibits at Hospitality Expo 2010.

Thanks to all our existing and new customers who visited our stand over the two days of the show in March.

There was huge interest from many in the hospitality industry in our solutions which help lower business overheads, without the fear of affecting customer service.  One new customer said: "talking with CaterSave and getting an effective tailored solution was a 'No Brainer' ".  We are grateful for the very many positive testimonials and encouraging feedback we have received.
To all our customers, we look forward to speaking with you and seeing you shortly.  If you havn't made contact with us before, please call us today and we'll show you simple steps to get more for less.

Many thanks,
John & The Team.


Restaurant Overheads

Restaurant owners say one-in-three businesses are at risk of closure if urgent measures aren't taken to reduce costs.

The Restaurant Association of Ireland ( says Ireland is the most expensive country in Europe to run a restaurant. & BEST CUTLERY POLISHERS

CaterSave / Solutions To Save is delighted to announce that that their sister brands; and are now active.

CaterSave / Solutions To Save offers great ways for companies to save on Cutlery Polishing and Glass Polishing using automatic Cutlery Polishing machines and automatic Glass Polishing Machines.  These are the best UK Cutlery Polishing Systems. supplies:

Cutlery Polishers England
Cutlery Polishers Wales
Cutlery Polishers Scotland
Cutlery Polishers Ireland

Cutlery Polishers . com is the best supplier of cutlery polishers.