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Soak-2-Klean Decarbonizer / Degreaser. Model: AS2K1

SAVE on Kitchen / PotWash Overheads

MulltiSavings on Decarbonizing / Potwash Overheads

- Reduces hot water usage - Cuts energy costs

- Reduces water wastage - Savings on water charges

-Reduces Labour-Intensive Scrubbing at sink -Cuts wage bills

- Easy to use automatic degreaser. Allows more useful allocation of staff's time

- Increases the life of cooking untensil

- Eliminates Filter Cleaning Charges

- Also helps reduce Fire Risk........

Clean and maintain the hood filters in “first class working condition”, as they play an important role as part your ventilation system.  This ensures that they trap the grease as it gets sucked out.  But grease builds up quickly and can become a dangerous fire risk.
So, to prevent the filters becoming saturated with grease, a cleaning program should be put in place to ensure they are cleaned regularly.
The greasier the filters, the harder your ventilation system has to work.
Operation of these Systems are expensive, so if filters are not cleaned on a regular basis, extra energy is being used, thus increasing costs.  
Also make sure they are installed correctly and replace damaged filters immediately.
Make your kitchen ventilation system work more efficiently. It not only saves money, it ensures that the it is capturing the maximum amount of smoke & fumes and getting them out of your kitchen   This also reduces the risk of fire, which could lead to the possible of loss your business

Automatic Decarboniser Soak Tank System 
This Cost Saving Degreaser/Decarboniser System will not only SAVE YOU MONEY but is effective and safe to use.
- Removes Grease, Grime and the heaviest carbon from:
   Kitchen Utensils, Pans, Pots, Steel Trays, Baking Trays, Shapes, Sheets, Filters, Gas Diffusers, Grilles, etc. 

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GR Detergent 
Certified Safe & Environmentally Friendly
* CaterSave / Solutions2Save are exclusive distributors of GR Detergent in Ireland (North & ROI).                  This detergent is used in our Soak-2-Klean system and all Manual Soak Tank systems.

Benefits of GR Detergent:

- Non Caustic  & Non Toxic
- PH Balanced
- Bio-Degradable
- Certified Safe on Aluminium
- Recognised Worldwide
- Guaranteed Supply 


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