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Automatic Cutlery Polishers & Glass Polishers will save your commercial kitchen time and money while offering top standards to customers.

SAVE on Tableware Presentation


Solutions2Save provide solutions to save you money but improve quality of your offering to your customers.

Tableware Presentation: As you are probably aware, tableware presentation reflects the standards of customer-care, food quality, and hygiene that Management project to diners as they sit at a table. Poor presentation gives the perception of lack of care, leading to customer complaints and loss of repeat business. Customer satisfaction dictates the importance of properly polished cutlery and glassware.

How Solutions2Save Increases your Profits

Solutions 2 Sav€ are Independent Distributors of a range of cost-saving solutions that ensures your business is supplied with the system that suits your specific requirements and gives the best results possible with the least cost.

We market Systems from a variety of manufacturers, and unlike other companies, we are not tied to just one manufacturer. So we can offer you the System that matches your needs, in size, volume, space-available, price, etc.

A Typical Positive Testimonial For CaterSave:

"I can vouch for the quality, ease of operation, and the labour-saving benefits of this system, supplied by John O Callaghan of CaterSave, who has given us a first-class service."

  • Colm Murphy, Food & Beverage Manager, Bewleys Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Tableware Solutions:

  • Automatic Cutlery Polishers – new to the market – labour free & low noise ‘polisher.           No more slow loading by hand or very slow manual polishing.
  • Automatic Glass Polishers – Patented Hot-Air Sanitizing Systems - polisher cuts labour costs by up to 80%.
  • Solutions2Save provides systems which can:- Reduce labour substantially (up to 90% reduction).
  • Be easily set-up and operate. Run using safe and approved consumables (Granulate for Cutlery Polishers and GR Detergent for Automatic Decarboniser Soak Tanks).
    Save Tens of Thousands A Year An average Restaurant will spend a total around €80,000 p/a on polishing glasses, cutlery and degreasing equipment (labour, machines, water and consumables). .  

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