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"I can vouch for the quality, ease of operation, and the labour-saving benefits of this system, supplied by John O' Callaghan of CaterSave, who has given us a first-class service."

Colm Murphy, F&B Mgr, Bewleys Hotel, Ballsbridge,
"We always kept everything clean, but this has saved us the time it took to keep it clean"
- Marriott.
"It's so easy to operate and does a great job"
- Hilton.
"The GR System has improved staff moral, less time spent scrubbing"
- Four Seasons Hotel.
Four Seasons Hotel
"I saved over $10,000 in the first year, using GR System"
- Busch Gardens.
Busch Gardens

"I've used CaterSave Automatic Decarboniser Soak Tank System for the past 10 years…… Excellent for removal of Carbon & Grease from all Catering Equipment & Utensils……. Returns them to their original state……..Excellent back-Up Service………. Would recommend it to any Catering Facility."

Matt Dowling, Food Produc. Instructor, Failte Irel

"The cutlery polisher really works for us, saves us time and effort which has been put to better use selling to our customers."

Neil Lucey, Gougane Barra Hotel. Cork, Ire.

Catersave... first-class service

Colm Murphy, F&B Mgr, Bewleys Hotel, Ballsbridge,

"Glasses are sparkling, saves me time and I can smile more at the customers!"

Etienne Deschamps, Gougane Barra Hotel, Cork, Ire.